Photo Fad of the Day: How to Make a Cute Dress Out of Gym Shorts

Last Friday, Tumblr user chronicallylate shared an amusing photo set demonstrating how to turn a pair of gym shorts into a sassy one-sleeved dress, triggering a hilarious trend of bros rocking the latest gender-bending look and sharing their photos via Tumblr andReddit.


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I’ve been at home, studying my butt off since Thursday.

It seems like everyone else in the world is getting “turnt up”.

And I just have to LOL and be proud of myself a little bit cause I know I’m actually doing the right things in life. Seriously dude, partying and drinking day in and day out ain’t gonna pay the bills or get you through the real struggles of life. Not to mention, it’s horrible for your liver. Idk. I sound super judgmental right now, but I guess it just annoys me when people have an actual potential to do something meaningful and useful with their lives and instead waste it on getting…. “turnt up”. I don’t even know if I’m using that phrase in the right way. I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS.


I wonder why I waste so much time trying to be there for people only to receive nothing in return.

I’m not one to ask for much, but when I do ask for something, it’s usually something that should already be a given between people who supposedly care about each others feelings. That’s just not the case.

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not".

And if you dislike me because of those things, then I’m sorry that you can’t be mature enough and civil enough to be around a person who happens to believe in different things than you do. I may believe in different things, but I’ve always been nice and respectful to you, despite the fact that a girl knows when she’s being talked about and disliked.

News flash: there are people in the world who believe in different things than you do. Grow up. Be mature.

Throughout the course of my life, I can say that there are only a few people who truly understand me. Those people are…… Adele, Taylor Swift, and John Mayer.

I don’t ask for much.

We believe in the separation of Church and State, but that is not the same thing as a separation between faith and politics. Faith is what we believe, politics is how we act. We are hypocrites if we fail to act in accord with our beliefs.

- Archbishop Chaput (via illumi-nate)


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The day has arrived.

My bro is moving out :(.

As much as it makes me sad to know that I will no longer have the convenience of having my sister right next door to me, I know she’s chasing after big dreams. The things I’ll miss the most are nights like the one we had earlier, laughing at irrelevant things and talking about how certain people look like they don’t shower.

Bro, I’ve had the pleasure of being under the same roof with you for twenty years. I know it’s not like you’re not going to come home, but we both know it’ll be different. I think we underestimate how much these walls have been an important part in our sisterhood… they’ve seen us grow, argue, laugh, cry, and more. I’m excited that you’re finally going to make things happen at your dream school, but I am also sad to know you won’t be right next door whenever I feel happy, sad, like talking crap, venting, or laughing. But I know you’re going to grow so much from this experience and I know you’ll be happy. Don’t ever lose your identity. Don’t lose your drive. Don’t lose your passion for what you believe in and in your dreams, no matter what anyone tells you. You’ve always followed your heart and now that you’re venturing out into a new place and on a new journey, don’t stop now. You’re going to do great things. And no matter how difficult things get… don’t stress the heck out. HAHA. You know I’m one text or phone call away. I’ll always be here for you, no matter how close or far you are from home. I love you, beyotch. I couldn’t ask for a better bro, sister, and friend.

Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.

Janis Joplin (via letsgozorbing)

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I love this song.

While we are trying to change our circumstances, God is busy using them to change us.


Today, I…:

- went to Mass with Jay and my sister. Happy feast day of the Assumption!
- ate a sandwich made with love by Jay.
- watched six episodes of “Breaking Bad” with Jay.
- went to the mall and got me some stuffs. It was nice since I don’t usually go shopping for myself.

Even though it’s probably considered misbehaving, I still like laughing with my sister for no reason at church. There is nothing cooler than looking behind me and seeing my boyfriend praying with me at Mama Mary’s statue. I enjoy discovering new TV shows and lounging around with Jay all day. I just like the fact that we don’t always have to go out to have fun with each other.

It’s the simple things. No matter what, my life is blessed. Happy girl. :)

I can’t believe it’s already been half a year with this guy! Happy six months to one of the most amazing, loving, funny, life-loving, and God-fearing people I know. As long as our relationship is pleasing to God, may there be many more months and years to come. I can’t wait to see where else God will take us. I love you!

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Yeah, I’m bringing this song back. You mad?